Day School

POI_Faith_0012Our Day School is open year-round, Monday through Friday, from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. After care is available until 6:00 PM daily for an additional fee.

Two snacks and a nutritious lunch are served daily. There is no additional fee for meals and snacks.

3-Year-Old Program

dreamstime_m_47470090Children in our 3-year-old program engage in a daily whole group learning time, small group activities, and self-guided play as they learn about the routines of school. Children are introduced to basic concepts including colors, letters, and number recognition in age-appropriate ways. Each 3-year-old class has 1 teacher and 10 children. Click here for our 3-Year-Old Curriculum Overview.

This program has two components, Young 3s and Older 3s. Young 3s can start school at 2.5 years old and spend time engaging in school routines, growing in their independence, developing the social skills needed for later school experiences, and learning foundational skills and concepts. Children must be fully potty trained to enroll in our Day School.

Our Older 3s must be at least 3 years old upon enrollment. Older 3s focus on the academic and social skills that they will need for success in PreKindergarten.

PreKindergarten Program

dreamstime_m_33512229Our PreKindergarten curriculum focuses on emergent literacy, math readiness skills, and science, social, and cultural consciousness. Phonetic awareness is presented through an array of hands-on activities throughout the year. Sorting, classifying, and grouping skills are addressed in PreKindergarten. Polishing social skills through role-play is an effective means of instilling creative conflict resolution skills, developing imagination, and encouraging creativity. In order to facilitate developmentally appropriate learning, the PreKindergarten classes participate in many self-chosen, small group activities. Classroom management techniques are in place to facilitate safe and orderly self-governance.

Our teachers use the Texas Education Agency’s PreKindergarten Guidelines to guide planning throughout the year. The goal is that every child is prepared for Kindergarten. Each PreKindergarten class has 1 teacher and 11 children.

Bridge Kindergarten

AlexanderOur Bridge Kindergarten program is designed with flexibility to allow each child to progress at his or her own level of achievement. The small class size and program structure meet the needs of children who are not quite ready socially or academically for a larger Kindergarten setting. Children who do not meet age guidelines for other Kindergarten programs may also enroll in this program. Children must turn 5 by December 1. Families with children who DO meet age requirements but desire a small setting for one more year are welcome to enroll in this program.

Please click here for our Bridge Kindergarten FAQ.